Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kyle Kinane has had me in a conundrum... in the land of milk and honey

In March, comedian Kyle Kinane volunteered to be the latest subject in a personal series I'm working on called Food is Funny. We shot in Hollywood at Tulino Design Group's studio and teamed up with food stylist extraordinaire Sienna DeGovia.

The premise for the series is simple: my favorite comedians photographed with food. The artsy catch is that it must say something about their comedic style. If you don't understand the artistic choices below I hope you'll check out Kyle's comedy. His album "Whiskey Icarus" is my favorite comedy album right now.

Often times I see exactly what I want in my mind's eye before I shoot. Other times I give myself options - and then add a subject like Kyle, who ultimately gave me too much of a good thing - and now I'm left reeling trying to pick one image. It's a good place to be, don't get me wrong.

Here's a taste.

I'm leaning towards this one, though. Tomorrow I'll post some behind the scenes.

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  1. This will definitely appeal to Splosh fetishists. Eeek!