Friday, June 1, 2012


I know I have neglected the blog for some while, and it's high time I explain myself. 
Back in October, my father began seriously battling multiple cancers. He is stubborn, loving, and independent. He insisted I not cancel my month-long work trip I had planned to NYC after his first surgery.

When I returned, my need to be in Sacramento with him became greater and greater. He is now terminal from his pancreatic cancer and I am here full time since February.

Amazingly, I have continued to take jobs when I can, and it's a wonderful respite. Anyone who has experience care-giving knows how demanding it can be. I am also often the single point of contact for family and friends and my social networking life has definitely suffered.

Without blurring the professional and personal lines too much I'd like to thank all of you who have offered support in this difficult time. I think it is one of the many benefits of being part of the creative industry.

Father's Day Card by Lady K

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