Monday, December 13, 2010

SF Weekly: The Naked Guys

SF Weekly put me on Lauren Smiley's feature story covering the 'naked guys' in the Castro, whom (if you live in San Francisco) you may have seen socializing in the public area at Market and Castro streets where the F Train ends. Fun fact: public nudity in San Francisco is not a crime.

I shot my unclad subjects in the Castro a couple of times for the story but art director, Andrew Nilsen, came up with an idea for  the cover that we executed in the studio with a paper set that mimiced the Castro. We were both really happy with the results and I think it's a testimony to what you can still do with paper and tape.

It was late when we were done with the shoot and going over the images; Andrew started choreographing the review to the latest Scissor Sisters album I had playing on set. In this day and age of multimedia it made it onto SF Weekly's website, and is maybe one of favorite parts of the story. It's not work safe as there is nudity, of course.

More interviews and BTS:

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