Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SF Weekly Feature: The Clay

I shot the feature and cover in last week's issue of SF Weekly for Jonathan Keifer's story on the possible closing of one of San Francisco's oldest theaters: The Clay. I have a huge love for arthouse theaters but, like everyone else it seems, I just haven't been going to the movies like I use to. In covering the photos for this story I learned so much about San Francisco's cinematic history that is definitely worth a look.

This is Marzette Henderson a former classmate who is still doing hard-time at AAU. He shadowed me for an assignment in his editorial class during the portrait sessions. I know he was probably desperate, but it was still a huge compliment. Marz is sitting inside The Castro Theater which just loves to eat all of your light.

This is me working. I love my job. In case you're wondering that's my assistant, Matt (upper right), holding a reflector so the strobes would sync properly also due to the massive eating of light.

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