Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy 70th, Dad

Dear Dad,

Can you believe it? Seventy! I imagine it seems like time has gone by so fast, I know it has for me anyways. In all honesty, though, you don't look or act seventy at all - here's hoping I've inherited those genes!

I've probably told you this a million times but I know I won the "dad lottery" by being your daughter. You have shed blood, sweat and tears; hemorrhaged money; performed miracles and extraordinary acts of kindness; provided safe harbor in storms; and exhibited unbelievable patience and love towards both of your kids - and knowing the two of us - I imagine that wasn't always easy. Thank you for giving us up to the world so we'd learn how to make our way in it, trusting that you had taught us well and that sometimes "falling down" was all part of the learning process.

You have lived an amazing life and I know there is so much more ahead of you. I hope you will savor each day knowing how deeply you are loved (and how lucky you are to be so spry). Your passion for leaving this world a better place than you found it will always be  one of your most remarkable qualities and I think it also keeps you young.

I love you, Dad. You're one amazing guy.


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  1. Happy birthday, Bruce! I am so grateful you have this connection with your dad. He has those elements of Sandie charm I've come to know through you, and is so easy to be around.

    Yay. =)